At Regent Property, we understand the importance of community, and we like to think that we play a role in helping people settle and feel at home. We know that there are many challenges facing people across London these days, and this is why it is important to be involved in your local area. As a team, we take the time to think about local matters and if there is an activity that can be backed and supported, as a company, we do our best to give it out backing. Even small projects can make a big difference to people’s lives, and we’re proud to play our part in keeping our communities smiling.

However, there are so many parts of the world that are in dire need of support and assistance. It is impossible to help everyone, but at Regent Property, we believe it is important to do what you can. This is why we support Computers 4 Africa, and recently, we donated a selection of computers to the organisation.

Give people a chance to prosper and develop

There is often a lot of focus on the assistance that Africa requires, but it is important that countries in the continent are provided with the chance to grow and develop. Studies indicate that economic and business development lie at the heart of a positive future for Africa, and technology and equipment can drive change and positivity in the life of so many people.

Computers 4 Africa support

This is the basis of what Computers 4 Africa tries to do. The organisation collects computers which may be out of date or no longer necessary in a business environment, repurposes them and provides them to people, organisations and businesses that need them. It may be that you are looking for an ethical or suitable way to dispose of your current IT equipment anyway, which makes the services provided by Computers 4 Africa of benefit. Not only are you giving yourself one less job to worry about, you are assisting people in Africa to improve their standing.

The work is reaching many African countries

The organisation worked in the following countries in 2016; Zambia, The Gambia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Namibia but as of the start of 2018, Computers 4 Africa is offering support to close to 20 countries. This indicates the development of this service, and the fact that a greater level of support is being provided to more people is a pleasing aspect.

At Regent Property, we were in a position where we were upgrading our computers and IT equipment, and would have had to dispose of this technology somehow. Working with Computers 4 Africa has helped save us time and effort while ensuring that our former equipment can be put to great use. There are environmental benefits of this style of work but ultimately, knowing that your efforts can help people and organisations achieve more is the real reason to support Computers 4 Africa.

Anyone looking to find out more about the services provided by Computers 4 Africa should visit their website for more information or guidance on how to help.