Very few agents get lettings and property management right. The fact is, it requires painstaking attention to detail and real commitment to the profession. If we are going to look after that home or investment for you, then we are going to do it right.

Regent Property is different because we work alongside you as long term advisors, from the start of the tenancy and throughout your time letting your property. We find you great tenants who will love to live in your property and we manage each home as though it is our own. How often we communicate, when we visit, the contractors we hire, the care we give to your tenants, is always carried out with precise consideration, speed and expertise. We manage your property proactively and we’re able to draw on our experience, common sense and technical expertise to maximise your return.

Some letting agents love to spend landlords’ money. How many times are things repaired that didn’t need to be, or were done in an uncoordinated way so that it cost more than if you’d done it yourself? Were you even aware of it – or did you just see the invoice afterwards?

This is not our way at Regent Property, we take care to use only the best contractors, who are thoroughly vetted and price checked. That way you can have complete peace of mind and can trust us to get on with the job on your behalf, whilst providing any and all details you wish to see.

Dedicated professional account manager

Online accounts platform

Utilising the top UK property portals

Comprehensive marketing, professional photos, floorplans

Competitive fees, discounts for large portfolios

Occupancy rates in excess of 95% average

Constant communication using your preferred method

Optimised investment returns