Traditionally, the busiest time in the property market is spring and many estate agents would schedule their business activities to peak at this time of year. This meant that winter was a very quiet time in the UK property market but this is no longer the case. There are many reasons why winter is now a busy time in the market. The emergence of the internet, with online property portals available around the clock has helped drive demand. There is also the fact that there is so much demand for property, there isn’t going to be any quiet time in the market.

This is a viewpoint that is backed by British property market specialist Sarah Beeny. Beeny is a familiar face to many people thanks to her various roles on TV in a wide range of property shows. Sarah is also involved with the online market, so it would be fair to say that she understands the market and why winter is a good time to buy a home.

Property problems are more noticeable in winter

The key factor in why winter is a good time to buy property comes with the fact that it is easier to spot problems in the home. The online agency that Beeny is associated with ran a survey of recent property buyers, and it seems as though many buyers found common problems with the home, including:

  • Boiler problems was found by 18% of buyers
  • 18% of property buyers found issues with the electrical systems at home
  • 17% of buyers found issues with the heating
  • 17% of buyers found plumbing issues
  • Problems with windows were found by 17% of buyers

When you look at property in winter, there is less opportunity for the homeowner to mask these problems and it is more likely that a survey will find any issues or challenges. In the summer months, it can be easy to fall in love with a property which looks fantastic and feels good but a warmer temperature and pleasant climate can hide a multitude of problems.

This means that savvy buyers are keen to observe properties in the winter months. If a property stands up well to the difficult weather conditions, and surveys or reports highlight no issues, the buyer will have a greater level of confidence in buying the home. Buying a home represents a major risk, and it is natural that buyers will want assurances before they sell their property.

Savvy buyers are happy to purchase in winter

The fact that savvy buyers are looking for property in winter should be something that catches the attention of homeowners who are looking to sell their property. If your property is in great condition, it will be in high demand, so placing it on to the market in winter makes sense. If your property isn’t in great condition, acknowledging this fact and taking steps to carry out improvements at your home will improve your chances of making a sale. If you go onto the market in winter with a home in poor condition, it is unlikely to appeal to the buyers who are around at this time of year, and this means you’ll be wasting your time or setting yourself up for a disappointment.

winter property

It is not as if Sarah Beeny is saying anything that many property experts haven’t said in the past but clearly she has a celebrity profile which means that her message will be carried by the media and more people will take it on board.

At Regent Property, we know that the winter market is challenging but there are strong reasons for buyers and sellers to be engaged with the market at this time of year. If you are looking to make a move early in 2018, come and speak to us and we will be happy to help you achieve your aims.