There are many factors to consider when looking at a particular area for property but the standard of local schools is a very important thing to bear in mind. West Kensington is an area that is in great demand and it is no surprise to learn that many parents spend a lot of time researching what the local schools have to offer. Thankfully, no matter the age of the child or the expectation of the parent, there should be a suitable school in West Kensington.

With just over 200 pupils, St Augustine’s RC Primary School is a great choice for many parents but as you would expect from a school that received an “Outstanding” report from Ofsted in its most recent report, there is a high level of demand for places in this school. The school is located on Disbrowe Road with a postcode of W6 8QE.

There are “Outstanding” schools in West Kensington

A similarly sized primary school in the local area which has also been classed as “Outstanding” by Ofsted is St Barnabas and St Philip’s CofE Primary School, which is located on Earls Court Road and has a postcode of W8 6EJ. This school is highly oversubscribed, which gives an indicator of the level of regard and respect it is held in, and competition to find property in the catchment area is fiercely competitive. There are many factors why properties in West Kensington and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are priced at the level they are but the demand to be located in a good school catchment area is definitely a key factor.

While it is only natural for parents to consider the Ofsted ratings as the key factor in looking for a suitable school, they aren’t the only factors to consider. As an example, Normand Croft Community School for Early Years and Primary Education, found on Bramber Road and hailing from the W14 9PA postcode, has been classed as “Requires improvement” by Ofsted in the most recent report. However, there is a general level of satisfaction from parents of pupils at the school and there is an acceptance that the standard of teaching at the school has risen considerably in recent times.

You will also find a range of independent primary schools in and around West Kensington, many of which are well worth considering. There are even options like the Holland Park Pre-Preparatory School, which is available for children between the age of 0 and 7 years old is in high demand.

You’ll find strong secondary school options in West Kensington

While it is natural for there to be a smaller supply of secondary schools in an area, West Kensington is still an attractive base for parents looking for a place to send their child. St Paul’s Girls School, located on Brook Green with a W6 7BS postcode, is an independent school but is often classed as the best standards of secondary school in the local area. The school caters for female students between the age of 10 and 19 and has a roll of 740. St James Senior Girls School, located on Earsby Street with a W14 8SH postcode is another independent school that is also highly regarded.

Sacred Heart High School, found on Hammersmith Road with a postcode of W6 7DG holds close to 1,000 pupils and has received the highest accolade from Ofsted in recent times. The William Morris School, located on St Dunstan’s Road with a W6 postcode, is another local secondary school that is considered to be a reasonable option for most parents and pupils. The school plays host to more than 800 pupils.

There are many reasons to consider West Kensington a fantastic area to stay and if you want to find a location that provides excellent schools, this will be an option that is suitable for you. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about finding the right home and school for your family, please give our team a call on 0208 743 9101.