If you are looking to sell your home, it makes sense to take steps to improve your chances of a good sale. While there is a high level of demand for property, outstripping supply in many areas, if you want a fast sale for a fair price, you need to make sure your property appeals to buyers more than other properties. This is why sellers should be proactive when it comes to presenting their property and this is why staging is so important. Asking yourself how to “stage my home” is a good starting point in the process.

All properties should be cleaned, decluttered and given a fresh look before being placed on the market but staging your home goes further. A staged property is one that has been styled and presented with a particular purpose and a specific style of buyer in mind. Staging a property makes your property more attractive to the type of buyer, which will hopefully move your property in front of other properties and will make it more likely you will receive an offer.

Clearly, to stage your property effectively, there are two key things you need to know:

  • Who the most likely type of buyer for your property is
  • What this buyer is looking for

This isn’t information that you are likely to know off-hand, so if you are looking to stage your home effectively, it is best to work with an experienced estate agent who has staged property in your area. This may seem like another cost to bear during the sales process but given the benefits of staging property, this is a cost that can provide a fantastic return for property owners who are looking to sell up soon.

There are many benefits from staging property

Some of the most pertinent benefits of staging property are:

  • Your home will stand out on crowded online property portals, convincing potential buyers to read on or arrange a viewing
  • Staging your property provides you with a focus in presenting your property and how you describe it
  • With a staged property, you can be confident that you haven’t decorated or styled the home according to your own tastes but to what is likely to appeal to the market
  • A staged home can convince a potential buyer to place an offer for the property
  • Staging a property doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive

These are all great benefits but the bottom line is that a staged property can attract more potential buyers, including the right sort of buyers, and this can help you to sell your home quickly for the best possible price. This is what all sellers should be looking to achieve and actively staging property is a good way to achieve these outcomes.

Always stage my home with purpose

One of the key benefits of staging a property that some people overlook, or may not pick up on the fact that it is a benefit, is that it means the property is being displayed with the buyer in mind. Property owners who decorate their property before placing it on the market do so with the best of intentions but if they decorate the property to their own taste and style, they may harm their chances of selling the property quickly or for a good price. Taste and style are subjective and what appeals to one person may put another person off. This is why taking the presenting decisions away from the seller and focusing on what a buyer wants is a good decision.

In the present day, with online property portals being so important in the process, your home needs to make a positive first impression. When a buyer has a screen full of houses, they will scroll through quickly, only giving each property a few seconds attention. This is why you need to have a property that is geared towards a buyer because this increases the chances of getting a potential buyer to stop and look at what you have to offer. Staging your property with a buyer in mind is one of the most effective ways to stop people in their tracks.

At this point in time, staging property seems like an optional thing, something that only some sellers are looking to do. However, the benefits provided by a successfully staged property should be enticing to all sellers, making this a strategy that is well worth undertaking. Taking the time to ask yourself how can I stage my home and then acting upon it will make a difference.