After a hard day’s work, it’s lovely to be able to get home, kick off your shoes, and relax on the sofa with a nice glass of wine. If a tenant can imagine themselves doing this whilst on a viewing, then it’s much more likely that they’ll want to live in the property they’re looking at.

Here are our top 3 tips for furnishing property to maximise its appeal to prospective tenants.

Keep it light

interior view of chairs and table

By keeping furniture relatively neutral, it allows tenants to imagine themselves in your property. The overuse of strong colours can turn off good potential tenants if it doesn’t suit their personal taste. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring though – think fresh and modern.

Work with the space you have

woman unwrapping mattress

You may have found a great deal on a dining room table that looks lovely, but when it’s in the space, is it difficult to walk around? Does it make storage space inaccessible? When choosing furniture, think about how a tenant might live in the space.It’s always a good idea to have some approximate measurements to hand – it’s very easy to misremember the size of space you’ve got to work with.

Finishing touches

kitchen dinner

When it comes to both marketing your property, and taking prospective tenants on viewings, a few homely touches can make all the difference. A throw, a few cushions, it really play into the post-work image we mentioned at the start of this post.

If this isn’t something you’re wanting to do yourself, never fear! At Regent Property we offer bespoke furnishing solutions with our sister company Red Door Furnishings. Every package is comprehensively designed with attracting quality tenants in mind, making your property stand out as the best option in a competitive market.

To enquire, or to find out more information, visit the Red Door Furnishings page.