While hiring an estate agent is a smart move for anyone looking to conclude a transaction in the property market, in London it is essential. The competitive nature of the London property market means that buyers and sellers need all the assistance that they can, and the right estate agent can make everything run a lot more smoothly. Of course, not all estate agents are the same and there is a lot to be said for choosing the right estate agent in London.

As a starting point, it can help to have a few things clear with what you want to achieve in the property market. If you are looking to buy or rent in a particular part of London, you need to find an estate agent that operates in that area. Local knowledge can make a huge difference in what you find out, so if you have your heart set on an area, choose an estate agent that can help you find property in that area. Similarly, if you have a set budget or you need to buy or rent a particular style of property, make sure you choose an estate agent that provides this style of service.

Find an estate agent who can deliver what you need

If you are on a limited budget and you need a flat, there is no point in choosing an estate agent who focuses on selling large dwellings at larger prices. You need to be realistic in what you want to achieve in the property market, and once you have a rough guideline, you can find an estate agent that will help you achieve these aims.

Once you start ruling in or ruling out estate agents, the next step is to review the agents on your list. Ask friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations or warning stories about agents they have worked with. You will also find that social media sites are a fantastic place to look for reviews and get people’s opinion on what an estate agent has to offer. You should check out review sites and look at the agent’s site and see what testimonials they have on site, and this will help you find the right estate agent in London.

By looking at a few different sources, you should be able to form an initial opinion about estate agents who may be suitable for you. You can’t take one or two reviews as concrete proof of what an estate agent is likely to offer but if there is a body of opinion about an estate agent, you should be able to take these comments at face value.

Get in touch with estate agents for a chat

Once you have further narrowed down your list of suitable estate agents, you should contact them individually. Look at what properties they have on their site, get a feel for how friendly and engaging they are and of course, ask for quotes about fees and what service they provide for this fee. You shouldn’t look for the cheapest estate agent; it is far more suitable to look for the best value for money estate agent.

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In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of online estate agents, and this has transformed the property market. There are some professionals offering a cheap flat-fee service, and this will appeal to many buyers but if this service isn’t suitable to your requirements, there is no value to be gained in hiring these professionals. There are some people who only need the most basic of services from an estate agent but equally, there are many people who will be more confident about their property ambitions when an agent is taking them through every step of the process. You need to know what support and guidance you need from an estate agent in London and then you need to consider if the price you pay for the services on offer is worth it.

Feel free to ask questions and make sure that you feel comfortable with the agent. It is not as if you need the estate agent to become your new best friend but equally, buying a home is likely to be the biggest decision you will ever make, and you’ll feel more confident if you trust the estate agent who is helping you.

The choice of properties that an estate agent can help you find will always be important but there are many different elements to an estate agents service, and you owe it yourself to find the one who is best suited to your property aims and ambitions. If you are looking to hire an estate agent in London, you’ll find that these steps will give you a great starting point in finding the best professional for your needs.